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loadbang! Now Available

We've launched our debut album loadbang!

Download or Buy the CD here or listen below:

Performed by Jenn Kirby, Simon Kilshaw & Paul Hazel

Recorded at Swansea Studios at UWTSD

Mixed & Mastered by Simon Kilshaw & Jenn Kirby

Design & Photography by Daryl Feehely

Funded By Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

loadbang! CD

loadbang! Track List

  1. Jawari by Simon Kilshaw
  2. The Alphabet Song by Jenn Kirby
  3. Meters and Machines by the Swansea Laptop Orchestra
  4. Junk is No Good Baby by Brion Gysin, adaptation by Simon Kilshaw
  5. Weave and Warp by the Swansea Laptop Orchestra
  6. Gliché by Jenn Kirby
  7. Two Horizontal Hourglasses by Simon Kilshaw